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Financial Assistance

Financially Assisted Places at The Compass School

As East Lothian’s only independent primary school attracting children from across the region, we are keen to ensure that an education at The Compass School is not restricted to only those families who can meet the full financial commitment. We recognise that there are many children who would positively contribute to and benefit from the Compass ‘experience’, yet their families would require assistance in terms of bursary funding and other allowances enabling them to attend. Financial Support of up to 100% of school fees may be available to pupils whose families may not otherwise be in a position to consider the School for their children’s education.

At the discretion of the Governors, the School will consider applications from parents with children from Primary One to Primary Seven. As a guide, up to 100% awards may be available although it is unlikely that an award will be given where total family income exceeds £55,000. If you would like to know more about the financial assistance offered, please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss the scheme with you, in confidence.

The Somnerfield Award

Supplementary to the scheme outlined above, in partnership with The Compass School Foundation (a charitable trust set up to support the School in realising its long-term plans and ambitions), The Compass School may also be able to offer bursary-assisted places for entry into Primary Five, Six or Seven. The bursary scheme, known as The Somnerfield Award, offers up to a 50% reduction in tuition fees. The scheme is open to parents, whose joint income is no more than £35,000 per annum, with children who live within East Lothian and who are not current patrons of the School.

Financial Assistance for Current Parents

The School will be pleased to meet and discuss with parents, at any point in the academic year, if there has been a change in their financial circumstances. Thereafter, and subject to satisfactory financial checks having been undertaken, financial assistance may be available within the parameters as outlined above. In this regard, funding may be available up to 100% of the full fee in the event of a significant change to a family’s circumstances.

Applying for Financial Assistance

To apply for financial assistance, parents should contact the School by telephone (01620 822642) or by e-mail ( to request an application form and to gain further details. Candidates who are new to the School will then be invited to attend the School for a tour with their parents and for an informal assessment, with a report on the candidate being requested from their current school. To ensure fairness, all applications will be subject to a financial means-test.


The Governors of The School intend that an education at The Compass School is not restricted to only those families who can meet the full financial commitment; however, no guarantee of assistance can be made. The Compass School must ensure that it operates within prudent financial parameters.

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