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The Compass Parents Initiative (CPI) is a group of current parents who meet during the school year to come up with new ideas and initiatives that we think will have a positive impact on life at The Compass School, for both children and parents.

Since its inception a number of years ago, a whole range of ideas have become reality, such as our “Ignite an Interest” sessions, which are designed to bring the world of work alive for our older children, introducing them to a wide range of careers through presentations from various professionals, many of whom are parents, and visits to a variety of workplaces such as theatres, broadcasting studios, newspaper printing plants and even the zoo!  For parents, we have hosted successful seminars covering Paediatric First Aid and Internet Safety.

And of course, there is always room for fun! Social events such as Movie Nights are incredibly popular amongst the children and coffee mornings almost always yield cake.

At present, the core members are: Headmaster - Mark Becher, Fiona Moriarty-Bailey, Etta Dunsmure, Libby Hunter, Andrew Raistrick and Keith Skinner, and almost every year group within the school is represented. 

We are always looking for new initiatives so if you have an idea, please email us at

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